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The Pirate's Wish

The Pirate's Wish - Cassandra Rose Clarke I love this series. I mean, what is there not to love? There were pirates, assassins, magic and mythological creature, oh and did I mention pirates. and assassins. In a book. Together. That is up there in my own personal book heaven, and after Clarke totally wowed me with the first book in this series, 'The Assassin's Curse', I had unbelievably high expectations in this book.

I was not disappointed. While it was not as good as 'The Assassin's Curse' this was still a great book. The colloquial language used in the book flowed really well throughout the whole novel (I'm usually hopeless and unbelievably slow while reading books like that, but I barely noticed it)and it was really refreshing to have a female protagonist who is strong and doesn't need a man to protect her and dictate her every step (cough-Bella Swan-cough). Ananna can hold her own in a fight and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in situations. She's just great.

Then there is Naji. Naji, Naji, Naji. Sometimes I found myself pretty frustrated with him, but there were other times I just wanted to hug him. While I didn't like him as much as Ananna, he was still a very interesting character. There is also the female pirate Marjani, who is another example of a kickass woman in this series, which I love. I found her to be the most interesting character actually, with her whole back story and how she became a pirate.

I would recommend this series to anyone, to be honest. It has just the right amount of humour, action and tension to keep you hooked, and anyone who likes fantasy with pirates, assassins and far off, exotic lands will be sure to love this series.