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The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1)

The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) - Rick Yancey Well, what can I say about The 5th Wave? This novel is an incredibly fast-paced piece of work that constantly keeps you on your toes. Although, admittedly, at the beginning of the book it seemed remarkably similar to the TV series 'Falling Skies' with the whole power going out and not being able to trust people are actually people things, but still, the idea was still very interesting. Instead of starting the novel at the start of the alien invasion, you are immediately thrown in the midst of the invasion, with the majority of the population dead, seeing the world through the eyes of a teenage girl who, for all she knows, could be the last person left on Earth. She is haunted by the promise she made to her baby brother to come back for him after soldiers, who she knows are not to be trusted, take him away. Through flashbacks and swapping point of views from Cassie, the protagonist's, journey, to Camp Haven, where her childhood crush and her brother are being trained to become soldiers so as to fight the enemy, you are introduced to a fascinating and well written story, that constantly keeps you guessing.

This was one of the things I liked best about this book; the fact that it kept me guessing. I was never completely sure who to trust throughout the whole time, and by the end, I think I was just running by the backward philosophy of "everyone is guilty until proven innocent". It is very rare that I can't pick out the bad characters from the rest (I can pick up evil vibes from a mile off)but Yancey did keep me second guessing myself, and I think that deserves the 4 stars all on its own.

One thing I didn't really buy though (and hence the reason it didn't get 5 stars) was Cassie's love interest, Evan, and the subsequent romantic development between the both of them. I'll be honest, throughout most of the novel, I hated Evan with a passion. I did not trust him as far as I could throw him (and I'm weak beyond belief, trust me)and I didn't even begin liking him even a little bit until the end. I don't think I really found his feelings believable. He claims to love her yet he clearly doesn't really properly know her. Also, I'm sorry if I find it a bit cringe worthy if he talks about his dead ex-girlfriend and then minutes later kisses her - if that doesn't scream rebound, I do not know what does. Okay, rant over. Even though Evan was a bit irritating, this did not take away the fact that this is an amazing story, where I loved Cassie, and Ben, and Sam, and even Ringer if I'm honest. I can't wait until the sequel is out in September, and it'll definitely be in my to read list.