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Hello :) I am an 18 year old girl who loves to read. A lot. If I'm not reading then I am either eating, texting or watching Game of Thrones.

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Jellicoe Road

Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta Wow. This book is just simply stunning. It was a mix of touching, heart breaking, hilarious and just raw emotion. I cannot express how much I loved this piece of writing. In fact, I think this comes close with how much I love Zusak's 'The Book Thief', which, I assure you, I love very, very much.

Marchetta has the ability to make the shortest of passages, of lines that are so powerful that they make you stop whilst reading, take a deep breath, and will yourself to fight back the tears. Some of this prose was just simply beautiful and her depictions of love, and loss, and friendship were so thoughtful and thought-provoking. Let's just say I cried a lot during this book. A. Lot.

The story is quite confusing at first, with it going back and forth from Taylor at Jellicoe in the modern day, and five friends from about 20 years before. It does very much feel like you've walked into a story half way through and you're not quite sure how you got there. However, I just think it makes it all that much more sweet as you get further along in the novel and you find the stories and events intertwine with each other and it's just like a mystery that you get to solve along with the protagonist (or maybe just before, like I did a few times).

I would honestly recommend this book to anyone, no matter what age group they are because although this book is a YA book, it deals with such hard hitting issues in such a mature way that I think anyone can appreciate it's literary merit. Oh, and Jonah Griggs is amazing and fit, I just had to put that out there. Seriously, why hasn't everyone read this?